Katja Kabanova
Al gran sole carico d´amore
91 Avis de Tempete
Geschichten aus dem Wienerwald
Die Leiden des jungen Werthers
Die Nibelungen
Im Weißen Rössl
Die Liebe zu drei Orangen
Ein Volksfeind
Die Physiker
Am Sonntag bist du tot
Meister und Margarita

Staatstheater Mainz – Premiere Posters

The posters for Staatstheater Mainz seek to spark interest, make the theatre visible to the community and reflect its ingenuity. In a marked departure from convention, a wide range of striking illustrative and photographic techniques and typography is employed to create a series shaped by its bold use of an unusually broad palette of visuals. Specifically designed to raise people’s awareness of the artistic richness offered by a multi-genre repertory theatre, every poster aims to embrace a given production’s particular flair and focus, with only the theater’s characteristic star logo – undemonstratively placed in one corner — referencing the series’ origin.

Din A0, 84.1 × 118.9 cm